About Sokrates Channel of Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute

Sokrates Channel of Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute(GTERI) is a teacher professional development platform for sharing excellent Sokrates lesson examples and also a database of lesson videos from AI schools around the world. Sokrates Channels provides advanced search engine for users so they can find lesson examples under educational conditions like subjects, education stages, pedagogical features and opinion tags.
Sokrates Lesson Example consists of Sokrates video, HiTeach e-note, teaching materials, TPC lesson plans, and lecture records (activity history, diagnosis report, e-learning materials...etc.). Teachers can share and find smarter lecture from anywhere and anytime, thus help develop their teaching professional through this cloud database.
Sokrates Video is an AI application developed by education and IT experts. Sokrates Video integrates "teaching video", "behavioral marks", "AI analysis report" and “opinion tags” to present smarter lessons in a brand-new view. The opinion tags can be filtered by user itself or specific teaching experts. Users can click the marks/tags and jump to the corresponding time of the lesson immediately rather than fast-forwarding, back-forwarding, and shuttling.
TEAM Model ID is a real-name authenticated account of Sokrates Platform. Sign up the account immediately to become a member of the Sokrates Channels and keep the comments and watching records. It is an important action to promote the development of global smarter education and widely share the precious educational resources. In addition, the TEAM Model ID is an account that integrates all services of the TEAM Model.
Sokrates Channel are virtual communities for education group. Educational districts, smarter schools, or even teaching competition events can apply an exclusive channel to promote their professional development. Only members of the channel can view, upload and share the Sokrates lesson examples.
AI, Big Data and teacher professional development are means of advancing the development of smarter education in the world. Sokrates Platform gathers these technology and education experts, teachers, and leaders whoever devoted in smarter education to participate in the growth. We invite you to join us to achieve the vision of smarter education which students learn according to their aptitude, accommodate their personalities and enhance their capabilities.

Respectfully, Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute

TEAM Model & TEAM Model based smarter learning(TBSL for short) empower teaching, Inspire learning.
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